Ready to sell your home? Let me help!


The decision to sell a home is a major one, and as an experienced Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Michigan Real Estate Agent, I understand there is a lot that goes into making a successful sale. That’s why I work to help sellers throughout the entire process, ensuring that your home is listed, marketed, and sells at a price you are comfortable with.


Buyers in search of houses for sale near Kalamazoo, MI are likely all in search of different things, but there are similarities. My job is to help you every step of the way, from the initial listing to finding new ways to market your property, to making a successful sale. Allow me to help answer your questions about selling a house in Kalamazoo County.


The home selling process


Just as buying a home is a process, so is selling a home. That process begins as soon as a new seller makes contact with a real estate agent. When you tell an agent to “sell my house” you are signing on for help in marketing your property, selling your property and handling all of the complexities that come along with it. 


As an expert in assisting with houses for sale near Kalamazoo, MI, I understand the process well, and how to best serve my customers.


The ways I can help


Conducting research


One of the most important jobs of a real estate agent in the beginning is to help sellers with research. As an experienced agent, I have several tools at my disposal. If you wonder, for instance, what similar houses for sale in my area are selling for, I can easily find that out.


Armed with one of our free Home Value reports, I’ll be able to compare other nearby homes to your home, providing valuable information that can help set the right price. I use things like:


  • Past sale price
  • Sale date
  • Comparable sales
  • A local market snapshot


Determining a sale price


I can then determine a fair sale price for your home, one that you can be happy with and one that will generate attention from potential buyers you are trying to reach.


I have access to real-time market data, providing information and details on active and sold properties, giving you the confidence to sell your home in a reasonable timeframe.


I also use MarketWatch reports to make sure I am up-to-date on the latest information regarding real estate.


Things like the size of your home, location and the property’s condition will likely all be considerations in terms of pricing.


Marketing your property


When it comes to marketing your property I have the experience needed to get the attention of buyers. I have a true believer in technology in its various forms.


Along with traditional real estate marketing, I like to incorporate the latest technology in terms of digital advertising. I use Google AdWords to bring in potential buyers and Facebook for properties priced over $200,000.


Showing your property


I also handle showing your property to prospective buyers. This could mean coordinating showings with buyers and their agents or even holding an open house.


Before we do this, though, I’ll talk to you about the possibility of making improvements to your home, potentially adding home value and making your home “show” better.


With my knowledge of houses for sale near Kalamazoo, MI, I know what’s already on the market, and I can help you promote the very best property for buyers. I’ll work with you to understand the need for making potential improvements to your property, from simply a fresh, new coat of paint, to sprucing up landscaping or even just de-cluttering rooms.


I also work with some area home inspectors, so that’s something that we can check off the list before even putting your home on the market.


Closing the deal


When an offer is made, I’ll present it to you, and help you understand what your options are, including making counter-offers, if necessary. We’ll also talk about a closing date and any contingencies.


With the final goal being to close the deal, I work to make a home closing less cumbersome for all parties involved.


This is where I again incorporate technology, using dot loop to speed up the paperwork and contracts, providing a more seamless experience for the sale of your home, saving you time and helping to generate the best price for your property.