Buying a House


Ready to buy a home? Let me help!


Purchasing a home is a big investment, and one I have the experience to help you with every step of the way. As a seasoned Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Michigan Real Estate Agent, I have the professional advantage to not only lead you in the direction of finding a new home, but also lead you through the home buying process.


I help you track down available homes that fit your needs, but I also use my vast knowledge and experience in residential real estate to assist you in making knowledgeable and well-researched decisions that will affect your home buying decision and your long-term real estate investment needs. Allow me to help answer your questions about how to buy a house in Kalamazoo County, Michigan.


The home buying process


To start with, it's important to understand that buying a home is a process. While it may begin with searching through some online listings, it grows into a measurable practice.


Using my deep knowledge of real estate in Kalamazoo, MI I can help you make a more successful real estate purchase, while at the same time maximizing your precious time.


The ways I can help


Determining priorities


It takes some organization to narrow down all of the choices when it comes to real estate and understanding your priorities is one of my first responsibilities.


I'll help lead you through understanding the size of home you need, plus work with you to determine the style you are searching for. As a Realtor I know that not every prospective homebuyer is searching for the same things.


Together, we'll determine additional priorities, such as:


  • Home features
  • The ideal location
  • Nearby schools
  • Travel considerations


Narrowing the search


Next, I'll help you decide which of these priorities are the most important for your lifestyle, and then narrow down the search of potential properties that best fit your needs.


Home buying should not be a cumbersome process of viewing property after property, but rather I aim to protect your precious time by offering up the best and most precise selections that fit your needs.


Making a home work for you


While it's rare that a single property offers all of your priorities, my experience as a Realtor in Kalamazoo, gives you the advantage when it comes to making a home work for you.


It often takes a balance of your top priorities, and I can help guide you by helping you understand how to adapt a specific home to your most important needs. I can also provide you with knowledge of the available options in making that happen.


Understanding financing


Nearly every day I am involved with helping my clients understand the financing part of purchasing a home, too.


Not only can I help supply you with valuable information regarding down payment options and mortgages, but I can also help point you in the right direction when it comes to getting pre-qualified, a just as important part of the home buying process.


To assist you, I have a solid working relationship with a lender from Lake Michigan Credit Union.


Understanding additional costs


While a new home obviously comes with a financial commitment of its own, there are other costs to consider when purchasing a property.


Purchasing real estate in Kalamazoo, additionally involves understanding extra costs such as taxes and personal utilities, as well as municipal costs. As a Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Michigan Real Estate Agent, I have the professional advantage to help you understand real estate value and any particular zoning issues.


Remember, when purchasing a home you must also understand you are becoming invested in local schools, fire departments and even sidewalks in that local city or township.


Negotiating the sale


As a qualified Realtor I have the expertise needed in handling the negotiation part of the sale.


I work with local home inspectors and I am fully involved in investing myself in rentals with my own company, including tenant screening, rehab and property management.


Do not leave the process of how to buy a house to chance when I can work with you every step of the process. With an open line of communication, I'll ensure that all elements of the sale are accounted for and fully explain the process so that together we achieve the best possible outcome in purchasing your home.